Whether you’ve been guilty of it yourself or silently judged someone for doing it, holding up Shazam at a concert can be a sometimes embarrassing experience. That being said, pretty much everyone has done it at some point and often times you just need to figure out what that song is! Perhaps you’ve just forgotten the title or artist, or it’s a new song you just need to have in your playlists, Shazam is often the quickest way to identify what a song is out in the wild outside of just asking someone next to you.

Last week, Shazam celebrated its 20th birthday, which seems impossible. But yes, it really has been around since 2002, pre-dating the first iPhone by about five years. The app is used by more than 225 million global monthly users and has officially surpassed 70 billion song recognitions, making it an undisputed mainstay in music culture.

Masked Wolf, who was one of Shazam’s 5 Artists to Watch in 2021 and ended up having the most Shazamed track globally that year with “Astronaut In The Ocean,” said, “The fact that people all over the world took time out of their day to pull out their phone and Shazam my songs is a huge honor for me as an artist. You know you’ve got something special if you see the Shazam stats moving.”

Check out the official 20 Years Of Shazam Hits playlist from Apple Music below, and keep scrolling for important dates, notable firsts, and breakdowns by genre.

Important Dates

Notable Firsts

Fastest Tracks to Accumulate Shazams

Most Shazamed of All Time

Top Shazamed Songs by Genre

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